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About Us

Nerdoh is the original movie inspired design label. As a company we love movies, games, computers, comics and, basically, stuff from when we were kids as well as all the new fangled gadgets and nerdery of today.

All our designs are so subtle that only the avid fan will know where they come from. A lot pay homage and feature memorable places and corporations in movies, some have just a 'knowing nod' towards a comic or superhero and others look very familiar, but...'where do i know that from' rattles around the brain.

We love customer feedback and one of our main aims is to please our growing number of followers, so we like to receive emails ( regarding new ideas, movies that people want our twist on, photos in our tees or just feedback, whether good or bad.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of all our items, so our studio guys spend hours (too many!) producing lovely, eye-catching designs that we then screenprint (none of this transfer rubbish that will wash off after a few weeks) on to only the best t-shirts, hoodies, zip-up hoodies, hats, towels etc that we can lay our hands on.

Our customers range from the avid comic reader to some of the biggest film and TV stars in the UK and abroad (check out some of the models on our pages) .... Jonathan Ross even remarked, "Cool Shirts!" and loves wearing our 'I’m #Trending' design.

Nerdoh often promotes many competitions around the internet, most of which we highlight on our Blog. Our Facebook page ( is the place where we hang out talking ideas with fans, dropping interesting movie related articles on it and giving Sneek-Peeks of up-n-coming designs. We are also Twittering a lot, running weekly competitions ourselves as well as which shows and conferences we might be attending.

So, PLEASE, keep in touch and we can all be part of a label that everyone enjoys!

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Address: Nerdoh Ltd, Unit 10, Ashforth Business Centre, Ashforth Street, Nottingham NG3 4BG. United Kingdom.